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We would like to recognize some of our top 2017 donors year to date:

Beth Yost donated more than $2500 in-kind, Chris Moseley donated over $2000 dollars in-kind, and Dustyn Wingfield donated more than $3000 in cash donations in 2017. 

                                                                  We at Madeit! Foundation Thank you.

                                                                                 You make it possible

Clothing Donations

Please donate gently used male or female clothing. Clothes should be dropped off or picked up by Madeit Mobile personnel. Please leave hangers on the clothing to allow easy transportation. Clothing should be clean, with no holes or heavy stains. Shoes can be donated if they still have a heavily unworn sole. 

What type of clothing do you have? Estimate how many pieces are you donating ?
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Cash Donations

We appreciate any donation to help improve the lives of others. With every person who learns how to sustain financially it improves the well being of the community, increases independence, confidence, and ultimately happiness.

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