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Madeit! foundation offers mentoring opportunities for participants. This mentoring program will be on a 12-month basis. This career mentoring relationship will provide career guidance and a networking opportunity in a participants field. They will meet at least three times a year, and have a phone contact at least once a month. The goal of mentoring is to help a participant get a job within their career field. 


Employment Coaching session

Madeit! offers employment coaching for people who need guidance with resume writing, job searching, career exploration, and resource management. This is a 30 min session which can be continuous (if needed). Session are set based on need.

Resume Reviews

Madeit! offers free career resume reviews offsite. We will take the time to go over your current resume and offer tips on how to improve your chances for interview selection. 

Mock Interviews

In collaboration with other organizations in the greater Baltimore area Madeit! Foundation offers mock interviews in multiple locations. We offer a 30-60 min employment mock interview session on case-by-case basis. We can provide practice for: one-on-one, phone, panel, and second interviews. registration is needed to get a mock interview session with a Madeit! foundation career associate. 

Madeit! Boutique 

 Need something to wear for your interview. Call Us today!

Madeit! Offers free career wear to participants who need it. Participants need to fill out a clothing intake phone screen. After acceptance one of our mobile team members will come out to meet at a community location to bring different selections of career attire. Clothing is available on a first come first serve basis. For more information send an email to [email protected]

Career Sessions 

Community outreach sessions

Madeit! foundation provides career sessions for a variety of employment-related concerns. Our main session is Employment Branding which provides a comprehensive view of resume writing, cover letters, networking, interviewing, job searching, and social media. We also offer:

  • wellness
  • leadership & team building
  • job application & career testing
  • employment barriers
  • resumes & cover letters
  • employee etiquette/customer service
  • networking
  • social media management
For more information please check our event page or call /email to schedule a group session today.

Emerging Adults Program 

The emerging adult's program is a career resource program designed for young adults between the ages of 14-18 years old. This program focuses on young adults who are transitioning into the employment world. Through group sessions, workshops, and activities we explore how to find employment, career options, and career resources. 

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